Our Story

Zarkaashi products are crafted with passion, pride and love for everything that’s Indian. Made from the Finest of Indian weaves, these products are designed to be individualistic and exquisite, yet versatile.

Zarkaashi is about celebrating India. We dig out the most authentic designs from the innermost streets of this country where many an artists devote their lives to conserve the art forms they learnt and honed over many generations.

Our pioneering work with rare and exclusive artforms, traditional methods like hand-stitching, hand dying, and unique finishing are some of the things that set us apart. Our designs are continually evolving, harmonizing the timeless with a hint of the innovation  to create styles that mark you out.

Our Team

Zarkaashi founders, who are also the designers, are intensely concerned with design as an art form. Our designers draw on history, fantasy and folklore to create masterpieces that are desired by discerning aficionados around the globe.

We have a deep understanding of the psyche of the fashion world and it reflects in our collections that are intelligent, studied, imaginative and completely innovative yet always relevant and awe-inspiring.

Our founders’ passionate love for fashion drew them towards creating their own fashion brand. After the launch of their label and designer line there was no looking back.

Their signature styles show an affinity for indigenous craft tradition, coupled with a modern aesthetic that make Zarkaashi a distinguished name in the fashion world. Our designers’s sense of aesthetic is finely honed. Their work is handcrafted to perfection. Our team is recognized for meticulous attention to detail.

Zarkaashi’s designers draw from influences, wide and varied. From the village crafts and traditional methods of design that India is so rich in, to the transient phenomenon of the sub continent’s urban landscape, the designers bring them all to life in their spectacular yet original language.

Zarkaashi’s versatility as a design talent is on display in many efforts that have come to life.

It’s about celebrating India

Zarkaashi is about celebrating India. It is inspired by the most exquisite and heirloom forms of intricate embroidery techniques known as Zardozi and Kashidakari. Each technique is a lesson in meticulousness and proof of the wonderful crafts and craftsmanship found in India.

Zardozi work is a type of embroidery in Iran, Azerbaijan, Iraq, Kuwait, Syria, Turkey, Central Asia and India. Zardozi comes from two Persian words: zar or zarin meaning ‘gold’, and dozi meaning ‘sewing’. Zardozi is a type of heavy and elaborate metal embroidery on a silk, satin, or velvet fabric base. Designs are often created using gold and silver threads and can incorporate pearls, beads, and precious stones. It is used as decoration for a wide range of applications, including clothes, household textiles, and animal trappings. Historically, it was used to adorn the walls of royal tents, scabbards, wall hangings and the paraphernalia of regal elephants and horses.

Initially, the embroidery was done with pure silver wires and real gold leaves. However, today, craftsmen make use of a combination of copper wire, with a golden or silver polish, and silk thread.

Gold embroidery has existed in India since the time of the Rigveda, between 1500 and 1200 BC. Today, Zardozi is popular in the Indian cities of Lucknow, Farrukhabad, Chennai and Bhopal.

Kashidakari is the Punjabi and Hindi name for needlework. This art is practiced in many regions in India like Punjab, Kashmir, Bihar and Karnataka. Generally, Kashidakari is passed as an art form from mother to her child.

It has been a wonderful journey for Zarkaashi to imbibe this work in our collection and to be able to showcase the handcrafted legacy.

Zardozi Work

Our Vision

At Zarkaashi we celebrate India, and endeavour to bring all that we love about India to customers around the world.

We are committed to the promotion of skills, self-expression and quality workmanship. As a result, every single product we have is made with skill, love and sensitivity by people who are passionate about what they do!

The Mission

Zarkaashi will harness the transformative power of a well-run business committed to profitable growth in support of Zarkaashi’s Vision.

We will strengthen and support our community of customers, designers, artisans, makers and entrepreneurs inspired by India.

We will give our customers products that delight them by interpreting our rich heritage and traditional knowledge, while protecting the natural environment.

Values & Guiding Principles

To remain true to our company’s Vision: “In addition to making profits, our aims are constant development of new products, a fair, equitable and helpful relationship with our producers, and the maintenance of quality on which our reputation rests.”

To ensure that we delight our customers with our products and service, and always make them feel that they are getting great value for their money.

To design, make and sell products with intrinsic worth that comes from the original designs, knowledge, care and skill with which these are made.

To be true to our commitment as an ethical and trust-worthy brand.

To constantly share our Vision with our employees, suppliers, business associates and customers, so that we collectively ensure that all our actions are in service of our Vision, Mission and Guiding Principles.

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