Antique Polki Ring


Ring: High Quality Antique Work with Polki
Material: Brass Alloy
Polishing: 22 Carat Gold Plating
Quantity: 1 piece

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This Antique ring is a preferred choice for the elite ladies who love to look Classy. It’s charming and alluring design creates hypnotic effect. This intriguing handcrafted ring is a splendid piece of exquisite fashion jewellery created by the finest jewellery craftsmen of India.

The intricacies of magnificent Antique work in this ring craft the most timeless piece of jewellery that combines enduring beauty with the immediate allure of a moment in time.

This tantalizing ring is made from finest brass alloy. The 22 Carat Gold Plating involves a high-end electroplating process. It gives this splendid ring an antique finish and long-lasting shine.

Style Tips – Wear this ring with almost anything Indian for a rich and classy look. A perfect match with almost any traditional classic. Therefore, you don’t want to miss this fascinating ring!

About Zarkaashi Products – We dig out the most authentic designs and timeless craftsmanship practiced over many generations from the innermost streets of India. There is a complicated balance to strike between the eternal and ephemeral in order to produce a piece of jewellery that will have a lasting impact while also reflecting fashion. Master craftsmen breathe life into every product that bears the Zarkaashi logo. It fills us with pride that every product that sits with us has a story to tell. A unique story of love, passion and pride.

Preserve it well and it will last for a generation!

  1. Keep your jewellery away from perfume and moisture.
  2. Store in zip-lock bags or air tight boxes.
  3. Spot cleaning only.
  4. Jewellery is the last thing you should wear and first thing you should remove.


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