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Be it a party, a function, a dinner, a get together or whatever the event, being fashion ready is a necessity in today’s times, especially when people are more conscious and aware of trends and fashion. Right from the accessories that they carry, to the jewellery, to the footwear and make-up, every small detail influences your look and how to carry it.


How to plan look for a party

If you plan on attending a party, then what time it is held should also be taken into consideration. For example, if the party is being hosted at lunchtime, then opting for pastel shades would be appropriate as it makes sense to wear light and breezy colours in the afternoon, during lunchtime, as light colours repel heat and you feel comfortable. You can visit Zarkaashi for best outfit that can match your style and is perfect for the function.


To bling, or not to bling

One question remains in our mind – “which design or outfit is best for our event”?

As it is important to look at your best, not too style up either with make-up, jewellery or the overall look. If you plan on wearing your stylish party-wear and if the party is something more formal, like a wedding, or an engagement party, then outfits with bling and some heavy work of  beads, mirrors and embroidery will be appropriate.


Select the right fit and finish

One factor that often gets overlooked, especially when shopping for clothing online, is to decide an outfit that does suit one’s body type. In order to get the right selection of outfit, you need to first recognize your body type and what suits you. For example, if you are someone on the taller side, then going for a different coloured bottoms and a kurta is advisable, whereas, if you are someone on the shorter side, then picking the same colour for your suits is highly advisable.


Select the right fabric

Another factor that greatly influences the comfort of an outfit, is the fabric that you pick for the outfit. Materials such as velvet, nylon are best to be worn during winter, whereas materials such as cotton, silk, viscose rayon are ideal to combat the summer heat.

Every once in a while, you need to spice things up and experiment with looks that you have never tried before. Experimenting with your look will make people stand up and take notice of your style.

With traditional Indian wear now becoming a preferred choice of garments by many and gaining a lot of popularity overseas as well, it becomes imperative to pay close attention to what you pick and choose for your look, and by considering some of the above-mentioned factors. At Zarkaashi not only will you get the best outfit and jewellery that is according to your liking, but will also ensure that it remains in vogue for years and years to come.



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